SBF Open Mike on Thursdays, April 27th, May 4th, & May 11th!
Help us evaluate this new venue for the SBF open mike.

On Thursdays April 27th, May 4th, & May 11th, SBF is hosting open mikes in the Glenn Rouse Auditorium at The Terraces of Los Gatos as we continue to evaluate this new venue. The performance space can seat a hundred people and is adjacent to a lobby area where folks can socialize without disturbing the open mike. There is a stage, an excellent grand piano, and the possibility of a dedicated house sound system. Parking should be adequate.

What's the catch? Well, there is no food service, but we are exploring some options. As it stands, participants are welcome to bring food in and/or have food delivered. (There is a Togo's, Peet's Coffee, Noah's Bagel's, Whole Foods, Lunardi's and more nearby.)

Come on out and help us determine if this is a good fit and a workable solution to keep this 25-year-old tradition alive.

Open to all acoustic musicians, singers and songwriters, the South Bay Folks Acoustic Open Mike has been a popular feature of the South Bay music scene since 1992. A number of traditions have evolved over the years to ensure that everyone gets an equal chance to play, and to keep the evening running at a brisk pace. You'll find pertinent info on how to sign up, performance guidelines, and directions below.

When & Where

7pm-10pm Thursdays, April 6th & 13th
(sign up by 6:45pm)
held in the Glenn Rouse Auditorium at
The Terraces of Los Gatos
(enter the main lobby at the fountain)
800 Blossom Hill Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95032


The Terraces of Los Gatos is located on Blossom Hill Rd, just east of Los Gatos Blvd in Los Gatos. The map at left is interactive. (You may click and drag to move the map around, and you may click the "+" button to zoom in and see that the map marker shows the building where the open mike will be held.)

Enter The Terraces complex from Blossom Hill Rd, and look for the entrance to the lobby at the fountain on your right. You may unload/load instruments and equipment near the fountain.

Driving directions are available from Google maps.


You may park in any spot marked "visitor" on the left or right side of the drive.

To find additional visitor parking, proceed to the t-intersection at the rear of the complex. Take a right at the t-intersection to find sixteen additional spots. Take a left a the t-intersection and the next right to find the overflow parking lot behind the Presbyterian church. You may park in any spot that is not chained off or otherwise restricted by signs.

Sign Up & Selection

  • Drop your name in the jar before the drawing begins at 6:45pm. You must be present at the time of the drawing; no "phone ins" allowed.
  • Performers holding a valid rain check from the previous SBF open mike (see below) must present their rain check to the host, and place their name on the board before the drawing begins.
  • Please sign up once. "Tom & Jerry," should not sign up as "Tom with Jerry" and then again as "Jerry with Tom." We want to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at a slot, not to discourage folks from backing up other performers. If in doubt, ask the host.
  • Performers get to choose one of eighteen time slots as their names are randomly drawn from a jar.
  • Names will not be added to the jar once the drawing has begun. Late-comers must wait until after the drawing is complete to claim any slots that may remain.
  • After all eighteen time slots are filled, the drawing will continue from the names remaining in the jar to award up to nine rain checks. A rain check guarantees the holder a slot at the next regularly scheduled open mike (only). Rain checks are not transferable, and must be presented to the open mike host before the evening's drawing begins.

Performance Guidelines

  • The SBF open mike is intended to showcase musical talents; it is not a poet's or comedian's open mike.
  • Instrumentation must be acoustic. (An exception is made for electric bass when plugged directly into our board.) No synthesizers, sequencers, karaoke machines, tape or CD players. There is a piano available.
  • All acoustic genres are welcomed. While many performers would easily be recognized as "folk" musicians and singers, a wide variety of music is performed.
  • Performers are allowed two songs or 10 minutes -- whichever comes first.
  • Be tuned up and ready to perform when your turn comes, or you will be bumped to the end of the list.
  • Instruments with pickups must plug into our board. Leave the amplifiers, effects boxes, etc. at home. Direct boxes are OK, but double check that you have a good battery and good cables. Delays in setup come out of your performance time.
  • Please be aware that children are often present and adjust your performance accordingly.