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SBF News - October 30, 2019

In this edition:

Jerusalem Grill is being sold; open mikes on hiatus

The Jerusalem Grill, which has hosted the SBF Open Mike for over two and a half years, is being sold. South Bay Folks would like to heartily thank owner Maurice Pessah and his staff for all the good food, hospitality and support!

The restaurant is expected to close for extensive renovations, and future SBF open mikes at Jerusalem Grill have been cancelled, which brings us to the next topic...

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SBF open mike is looking for a new home

South Bay Folks is looking for a new home for its 27-year-old open mike. Finding a new venue is easy; finding a suitable venue is hard.

The ideal venue would have:

  • adequate seating and parking to accommodate 40 or more open mike participants and audience;
  • reasonable acoustics;
  • a music-friendly owner;
  • a separate space for performances, allowing for folks to socialize without adversely affecting the music would be ideal; and
  • the ability to run the open mike from 7pm-10pm.

You can help us continue this 27-year tradition. If you have a suggestion for a new venue, you can reach us by simply replying to this newsletter, or by sending email to contact-sbf@SouthBayFolks.org.

Stay tuned, and please help spread the word to folks who may not be on this list.

(Updated information will also be posted at  http://www.southbayfolks.org/openmike.html.)

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